Purafem vs Triactol

PurafemI want to talk about 2 of the largest breast enhancing products that I have seen on the market which both of them have relatively good results and a good offer to give to women who wants to have breasts enhancing results. I know that you might have issues with your breasts, it might not looked as big as you wanted, or as uplifted as you desire. The reason you stumbled into Purafem is because that you have done your research and found this product.

You might not look good naked even though you might have invested in some push up bras to create the false image that you have nice and large breasts. You are worried that your future partner might not be turned on by your breasts once they found out the truth when they get intimate with you. Or you have a partner now who seemed dissatisfied with the size of your breasts. Or it might be that you are walking on the streets and you have seen confident women with large and nice breasts and you desire that.

It’s all ok and whatever the reason, we know that pueraria mirifica does have the power to help you to get larger breasts. And this natural herb does it all by itself and you do not need to go through painful surgeries or injections in order to get the artificial breasts. Now the next step for you is: which product to use?

Purafem and their package

Purafem by itself is a good product and we can see that they give tablets form of the herb for you to take. They even tell you how you can massage your breasts and use hypnosis clips to tell your mind to help in the process of producing more estrogens in your breasts to stimulate breasts growth. Now do not doubt the abilities of hypnosis because I’ve seen it work.

This seems to be a neat little package and many women seemed to be picking it up. However, my only issue is that it is the new kid of the block. I couldn’t find much reviews on it yet because the product is still relatively new. This is just me but i do not doubt the product. I simply prefer to use proven products and products who have invested a lot in their own technologies to give only the best herb extraction for us, woman.

You can still take a look at purafem.

TriactolI prefer to use Triactol or rather, that is the product which I have used. Triactol does not comes in pills form but comes in serum form. Applying serum straight to your breasts is the fastest way to grow your breasts in my humble opinion. And Triactol is the only breast enhancing product which has nanotechnology elements in their serum which allows the essence to seep through your skin quickly and reach the estrogen receptors to do its magic.

I think that this helps to greatly enhance the speed of breasts growth as compared to other products. They also have invested a hell load of money in doing their own clinical test on their product, which is very different from other companies. Look, the herb has breasts enhancing abilities and we all know that.

But companies who have created the end product out of pueraria mirifica might not have captured the essence of the herb properly, and if that happens, their product might not work as well. Triactol spends so much time and effort just to prove with clinical testing that their end product do work and still has the breasts enhancing elements of the original herb even after extraction.


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